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2.5 Years of Crazy George a.k.a. Savage Sjors

The man. The Myth. The Legend.
The summer of 2016 was one to remember. The sun was warming our hearts until the end of the season and, filled with love, we were ready for what was to come. We were ready to welcome our newest Boomerang-member with the enthusiasm of Geert trying a vintage IPA from the west coast of India.

Around September the time had come. With an appropriate amount of serenity, Sjors (a.k.a. Crazy George) floated over the doorstep of our casa. A seemingly unmoved young man; peaceful and serene. But the longer you observe Sjors, the less you’ll know what’s actually going on inside his head. Especially when his two favourite accessories are anchored to his face. When this is not the case – and his glasses or headphones aren’t near – it’s like Pandora’s box is ajar.

Because Sjors is savage, we’ve learned that much about him in the past 2,5 years. Savage, for the older generation, could be explained as a combination of cheeky and smart with a touch of internal remorse and a sarcastic wink. That’s our Sjors.

In this fashion he once refused to open the door for a mailman ringing the bell, only because it was 09:04 and the door is open until 09:35. So he could “just walk in” and “why should he open the door then”? Savage. Or the way he always hides everyone’s laptop chargers. Savage! Or how, a while ago – before he settled down with his sweetheart – he was known as a notorious catfish on Tinder. S-A-V-A-G-E!

Enfin. Sjors, one of the most mysterious characters among us, keeps astonishing us. Until he pushes his glasses up again and blasts Girls Aloud through his headphones. Then it’s back to guessing at the real Sjors. And Sjors, we love you hè.