Boomerang is a creative agency producing enduring brand impact through human connection.

With a team of roughly 200 multi-faceted individuals in our offices in Amsterdam, New York and London, we have all the in-house tools to combine real-time cultural insights, world-class creativity and dynamic production to create work that’ll get people talking. 

With a have a thirteen-year track record of assembling transformative work for brands, we continue to be driven to reinvent ourselves and deepen our comprehension of human behavior and the ever-evolving social and digital landscape for our global clientele. 


Boomerang has always been a community full of do’ers who try to take action for the causes they care about. One of the topics close to our hearts within the sphere of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is LGBTQIA+ rights. From Boomerang’s first owner, Pierre, winning the Pink Amsterdammer Award, to our Pride Funraiser in 2018, we’ve tried to do what we thought was right. But until recently we’ve lacked a strategic and robust infrastructure to do the work on a long term basis. Within Boomerang For Better - our company-wide ESG program - we are taking our commitments a step further, taking action internally and externally to make DEI a part of our company’s mission and identity. 

Internally, we are working towards a goal of no more than 70% homogeneity in any of our teams. We are building out a DEI-oriented recruitment strategy to support this goal, which will be in place by the end of 2022. Our DEI Code of Conduct is now included in every employee's onboarding to foster a culture of inclusion regardless of identity and background. This inclusive culture is further supported through educational resources and events by our employee-led DEI Impact Team. Finally, we also turn a critical eye to our products - seeking to have 50% of our company trained in Inclusive Media creation by the end of this year. 

Externally, it’s time to take a much stronger stance. We’ve realized that, as a communication agency, our biggest impact comes from the work we make. Therefore, we’ve launched a movement called #PrideIsNotAnAd, to put an end to pinkwashing and rainbow capitalism. With this campaign we ask our clients to join us in stopping Pride for Profit - instead reinvesting their campaign/media budgets in learning from and taking action with NGO thought leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community. Boomerang is committed to acting as a facilitator between these NGOs and our clients, with resources dedicated to making sustained and healthy partnerships. Check out our website here for more info and to join this movement!

Check out the website here!