There's No Time To Waste, so let's cut to the chase: we want to challenge all Boomerangers to reduce their waste and consumption.
How? By organizing monthly challenges that will accomplish this in an easy and fun way. Why? Because it will benefit that beautiful blue marble we like to call Earth. And here’s the kicker: you can also win very cool prizes!
Hey ho, let's go!
We've developed 6 challenges to help you rethink your idea of waste and consumption. Each month, a new challenge will go live, requiring you to think of a creative solution.
Once you’re done, you need to send Geert a photo of the result via WhatsApp and he will give his blessing to cross off the challenge on your card. At the end of the month, we will pick the winner of the very cool prize. Persons who have completed all 6 challenges, are eligible to win the even cooler big prize. Here’s an infographic to make it even more clear:
Challenge me

Challenge #1

Put on your chef’s hat and prepare your signature dish without meat and fish or go the extra mile and don’t use animal products at all. Remember: creativity is key. The winner of this challenge will get two extra paid vacation days. Did we hear someone say 'four-day weekend'?
To give you some inspiration, here’s a picture of Geert 'The rich man’s Jamie Oliver' Oosterwijk with his very delicious vegan spareribs, made of king oyster mushrooms. They were marinated with olive oil and a dry rub of brown sugar, black pepper and smoked paprika, then fried in a pan and finally finished in the oven, with lots of smokey BBQ sauce.