Saving 95% time on campaign management

How we helped Albert Heijn to automate their weekly offering

Since the last few years a lot of Supermarket customers have turned into daily customers. As a supermarket chain you want to keep on surprising them with new offers, every single day. However, these offers can only be attractive if they are also personal relevant. To become smart in servicing online offers Albert Heijn needed to change the way of working online. Because the frequently changing content posed many challenges: it (weekly) took creatives a long production time and it was often a hard time updating changes to on-going campaigns. The team did everything manually, leaving it very error-prone and monkish work. Plus: The ad format had restrictions in terms of personalization, while the team also felt it challenging to align the assets with the new corporate design and brand guidelines.

It was time for a change...

...maybe something less work and more effective?

So Dentsu Aegis and Boomerang Agency partnered up… This creative tandem turned the work of Albert Heijn’s offering team into a wonderful and automated, digital world! Together with the help of Smartly’s Digital Circular the weekly offering became almost fully automated and dynamic.

The Digital Circular enabled them to add different branding messages to the weekly offers, providing viewers a more complete overview of Albert Heijn's services. Thanks to the creation of the Smartly Image Templates, instant experiences were produced that match the new corporate design guidelines. They used a weekly offers feed to power campaign creation and show up-to-date product information and significantly reducing errors. It resulted in an 38% increase among target audience, a time-spent of + 21% and even 26% more website traffic.

Albert Heijn’s lowered their time spent on campaign management with almost 95%, the top-of-mind awareness grew (27%, KANTAR research) and so did the online ad awareness (+15%, non-primary shoppers).

Well, as you can imagine, they lived happily ever after…