Het Boerderij Mysterie


Have you heard the latest news?! Sam the cow, the most famous cow of the Netherlands, has gone missing! Over the course of 4 weeks, together with her proud but distraught owner farmer Koen, we are going to encourage families in the Netherlands to join in and solve the digital mystery! In a total of six episodes we’ll follow farmer Koen, news reporter Nina and officers Youssef and Sophie as they investigate the disappearance and come across some very strange clues around the farm. Children can do their own research online with games, riddles and assignments! Will we find out where Sam the cow went? Stay tuned!

Thanks Campina for giving us this fun project and allowing us to come up with a suitable experience that helps children learn more about dairy farms. The Open Boerderijdagen have now started, but unfortunately due to Covid restrictions the farms are nog open to visitors but they look forward to welcoming visitors again real soon!