Albert Heijn

Started from the pots and pans, now we here!

So, this campaign was a huge success. The End! Hold up, wait, we think we started this thing backwards. Let’s go to the beginning. *insert rewind sound*

For Albert Heijn, we got to highlight their latest loyalty promo in which customers collected so-called ‘zegeltjes’ to save up for only the nicest pans EVER! The main gist of the campaign: a good dish always starts with a class pan.

So, to put emphasis on this, we made three very cool videos in reverse, one each for the hottest items in the Royal van Kempen & Begeer X Albert Heijn pan collection. We asked famous tv chef Hugo Kennis to highlight all the features of the pan, while another version of Hugo was cooking the dish in reverse.

Wait whaaaat, is this a Christopher Nolan movie or something? Nope, just another great campaign we cooked up for Albert Heijn.