Supporter van Sporters

“Supporter van Sporters” is not your average sports campaign. We wanted to create something that was both vulnerable and authentic to its core. Something that would inspire not just people in the Netherlands, but a campaign that would be just as effective were it made anywhere else in the world.

We wanted to share real stories from real people who have in some way or another dealt with struggles when it comes to exercise and movement. Whether it’s a physical struggle or it has to do with self-assurance, Zalando is here to help motivate and inspire everyone to be active and to feel comfortable in their own skin.

From opening up a local gym or a gym specifically for non-normative bodies to training for the 2024 Paralympics, the stories told by Romy, Rosalie and the Hadda family (with a little help from former competitive swimmer Inge de Bruijn and gym owner Arie Boomsma) are bound to get you to start working out (again). #supportervansporters