Shhh… sleep tight!

Children and sleep are two words that, regrettably, don’t always seamlessly work well together. In the early days of newborn life, (new) parents become acquainted with what it truly means to have sleepless nights. The good news however, is that this comes with an expiration date as their little ones grow older.

With young children, it’s all about creating a consistent daily routine. A routine that helps them get on a schedule that clearly distinguishes the difference between night and day. But, even the best of routines can always use some additional help since they don’t always mean your baby will fall asleep right at the 7 PM dot. 

The most Googled question by young parents is: How do I get my little one to fall asleep? Well, did you know that classical music has proven to have a calming effect on children? In order to help parents create a mindful bed ritual, Zwitsal teamed up with the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest for a concert series full of international lullabies. Since music is a universal language, parents all over the globe can play the recordings that are available on YouTube, Spotify and Google Assistant. 

We helped Zwitsal and the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest record the 12 songs, creating a total of 12 videos and audio recordings. To bring it all to life, we also created a visual language for the concert series with animated animals on a baby nursery mobile. 

So, looking for a bit of help to get your little one to fall asleep? We happen to know the perfect playlist… 

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