Prime Video

Donnie's Loveline

Young adult movies and series are huge for streaming platforms, so that’s why we made a special campaign for Prime Video for the release of the romantic drama After We Fell. We collaborated with rapper Donnie to help young lovers on Instagram to find the right words! Begriiiiiijp je?!

Because as Hardin and Tessa, the main characters of the movie, show us: love requires clear communication. And that's not always easy. Maybe you have a crush, maybe you don't dare to approach others or maybe you're afraid to hurt somebody. That’s why we helped the followers of Prime Video who struggled in their love life with our very own Donnie's Loveline. From the recognizable After We Fell hot tub, Donnie helped followers by giving them love advice, penning love letters and addressing their romantic concerns in an episodic loveline. This resulted in a lot of happy followers, a few naughty one-liners and a surprising amount of food references.

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