Wilgenweg 14A
1031 HV Amsterdam
+3120 406 1200

2.5 Years of Thom Specht

At an office full of trendy people, he manages to be even trendier than most.
For 2,5 years Thom Specht has been producing the coolest videos for Boomerang, that’s why it’s about time we gave an ode to this bad boy. At an office full of trendy people, he manages to be even trendier than most. Thom has been living in Haarlem for years and has single-handedly made that city so cool that every millennial now wants to move there. The cost of Amsterdam housing might play a tiny role in this too, but the thought of being able to live near Thom Specht is what gives people the final push. Funda has stopped referring to locations as being 400 meters away from the city centre and started saying they’re 400 meters away from Thom’s house. At the office, Thom isn’t just Mister Cool Himself but also an insanely hard worker. Conjoined with his phone he is always busy getting shit done. Even when he is not working, he never stops: During an office trip to Bordeaux, in the middle of the night he blackmailed a cab to go through the McDrive to pick up 80 burgers to get dozens of drunk colleagues their much-deserved dose of greasy snacks. Thanks to this operation, he was a long time favourite for a Nobel Prize, too bad ‘making drunk idiots happy’ isn’t an actual category. Despite missing out on that prize, Thom is popular with all. Especially with the ladies. When mothers hear he is going out, they anxiously keep their daughters inside. Yet these daughters often cannot resist sneaking out upon hearing Thom’s testosterone-fueled mating call. Looking this good is hard work for him though. He spends an hour every morning perfecting his hairdo and whereas most Dutch simpletons only get their hair cut once every two months, Thom gets his lavish locks perfected every other week. Still, there is one moment where our super-producer might look a little less fresh: Monday mornings. This has everything to do with Thom’s motto ‘work hard, play even harder’. The sound of someone opening a beer anywhere in a ten-kilometer radius is enough to make him stand on the tables. That’s why he always needs at least part of his Mondays to recover, but around noon, he’s usually himself again. Then he is back to making sure every shoot is going smoothly. We could never do without Thom and hope he’ll stay party of the Boomerang-family for a long time.