Digital advertising evolves at a dizzying pace.

It’s buzzing with new ideas, new voices and new technologies. Who on earth gets this ever-changing landscape better than Gen Z, Gen Alpha and the upcoming next gens? They’re the futurists, trend spotters and digital innovators. They refuse to accept the status quo and help brands to stay ahead of the curve. They’re the individuals with a knack for discovering digital innovations. The digital world is their carnival, and they know exactly which rides to get on. And more importantly, which ones to ignore.


Boomerang FT – the industry’s game changing playground.

Boomerang F.T. (Future Talent) is a new age agency within Boomerang agency, inspired and run by the next generation (Gen Z & Gen Alpha).

Boomerang FT (Future Talent) is a new creative agency working exclusively with Gen Z talent, with a mission to connect brands with young audiences in meaningful and collaborative ways. The Amsterdam agency, created by Boomerang, sees the future of creatives, content creators and strategists helping clients better understand the next-gen mindset by working on real briefs, from concept to delivery, kick-starting careers by offering invaluable insight into the industry.