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Plan International

On World Girls’ Day (11 Oct.), Plan International garnered major attention for the disadvantaged position of girls worldwide and celebrated the courage of all girls who want and force change, for those who fight for equal rights and equal future opportunities, both for themselves and for the next generation.

Plan International wanted to join girls in rebelling against everything that keeps them from being who they want to be.

For World Girls’ Day 2023, Plan sought a recognizable activation inviting people to join in and visibly express solidarity with girls worldwide.

The campaign needed to be a social campaign that activates people to share content as well as an offline translation.

Insight: In the Netherlands, the disadvantaged position of girls seems less in comparison to other countries. But that does not mean that they always and everywhere dare and can take their place. One day a year, we in the Netherlands are generally not shy about claiming spots.

Children taping their spots has become such a familiar image that it is inextricably linked to a day that is fully celebrated: King’s day. The only difference is that Plan International wasn’t looking to celebrate the king – rather girls with a plan.

Concept: On Oct. 11th, girls claim their place in society using the recognizable tape.
Blue tape became the visual guide of this campaign, which we continued throughout 3 phases.

Our campaign started the night before October 11th on social, digital Out of Home and in the physical space/streets, the Netherlands was overloaded with the blue tape, claiming a spot for a girl.



DOOH: 2.3 million reach
Owned socials: 70K organic reach
Influencers: 3M+ reach
PR: 21 high-profile media mentions

+ Tape-activation showed up (physically) everywhere in the streets in all the big cities of the Netherlands