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Boomerang FT. has been in charge of content creation for the Desperados (global) instagram account for the past year. We create IG Reels videos that should hit spot on with the Gen Z target audience (21+, of course).

We do this by trendwatching and applying trending CapCut edit templates.

We translate the trends in a relevant, credible and authentic way for Desperados. Where the key messaging should always be that Desperados wants to be a “party starter” beer brand.

The channel approach is entirely focused on user generated content creation by Boomerang FT owned creators.

All videos must generate organic reach through which we want the channel to grow independent of media (budget), completely organically. By creating content that resonates with the target audience, is engaging and rides on the algorithm of IG Reels. Why we also always look at what edit styles, sounds, emoticon-usage and GenZ slang is trending.

Looking at video views, we see an increase of 51% in 2023 compared to 2022 which is because Boomerang FT. assets are the strongest performing assets on the channel currently. Looking at the results of 2022 & 2023, we also see increase in performance for BFT which shows that content is performing a lot better consistently.

Follower growth compared to last year and today has increased by 6% which is a lot nowadays on Instagram considering follower growth has not been Meta’s #1 priority and more about making Reels a stronger proposition.

Average ER: 4.2%