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1031 HV Amsterdam
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We are social

by nature

We produce enduring brand impact through human connection.

With a team of roughly 200 multi-faceted individuals in our offices in Amsterdam and London, we have all the in-house tools to combine real-time cultural insights, world-class creativity and dynamic production to create work that’ll get people talking.

We have a thirteen-year track record of assembling transformative work for brands, we continue to be driven to reinvent ourselves and deepen our comprehension of human behavior and the ever-evolving social and digital landscape for our global clientele.

In 2021 Boomerang was acquired by Publicis Groupe, so together, we moved into our current headquarters, located in Amsterdam Noord.


Internally external

Boomerang has always been a community full of doers who take action for the causes they care about. One of the topics close to our hearts within the sphere of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is LGBTQIA+ rights—from Boomerang’s first owner, Pierre, winning the Pink Amsterdammer Award, to our Pride ‘Funraiser’ in 2018, we’ve been on a path to do what we think is right. And with the formation of For Better, our company-wide ESG program, we now have the strategic and robust infrastructure to do the work on a long-term basis, taking action internally and externally to make DEI a part of our company’s mission and identity.

Internally, we are working towards a goal of no more than 70% homogeneity in any of our teams, educating through events led by our employee DEI Impact Teams, and seeking to have 50% of our company trained in Inclusive Media creation by the end of this year.

Externally, it’s time to take a much stronger stance. We’ve launched a movement called #PrideIsNotAnAd, aiming to end pinkwashing and rainbow capitalism in the advertising industry.

Check out the project here!


Culture at the top of our agenda

From extravagant holiday parties to ski trips and volunteer outings to beach days, the year is planned full of both internal and external events all built upon the same foundation of learning, inspiration, and connection, all while being For Better.

This year we organized our very first creativity festival, AmsterCannes. This festival was in response to the annual Cannes Lions awards festival, with our version being a little closer to home. In Amsterdam we welcomed partners, clients and external talents to a day of programming where topics such as art, media, tech, and advertising were challenged. 

Our monthly in-office events include Thirsty Thursdays, we organize annual inspiration sessions with our internal teams, and Brain Food is our lunchtime lecture series where we invite speakers to add some flavor to our 12 o’clock table. 

We have a hybrid way of working at the office, allowing employees to work from both the office and at home. We also believe that nothing inspires creativity like travel. Work Your World is a program offered by Boomerang x Publicis Groupe that gives employees the chance to work from any accessible country where the Groupe is present for up to 6 weeks a year.


Everyone one

Being social takes a lot of work. With a global audience, we believe delivering on our mission and making meaningful contributions starts from within. This means actively shaping a workplace and internal community that fosters diversity and champions inclusivity for everyone. Those that work for, are connected to, or impacted by Boomerang’s work, should feel safe, included, healthy and empowered to be themselves in the fullest sense.

Therefore, all qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age nor any other qualities that make us different from each other.

We continue to foster diversity and inclusion from company processes to the work we put into the world.

The People

Where it all begins

Boomerang prides itself on being street smart and social by nature. Our mission is to make brands more human. But truly understanding humans is far from easy and takes a lot of work. We believe the only way we can deliver on our mission and make meaningful contributions in the world is by starting with us, actively shaping a workplace and internal community that fosters diversity and champions inclusivity. Doing so will maximize our creativity and fuel our long term strategy to stay social by nature. And part of being social requires cultivating the ability to continuously grow, learn, evolve, and change our points of view.