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Aussie Ashleigh has been our president of fun for 2,5 years!

She’s too fast for her body.
The year 2016 was dreadful. David Bowie and Prince died, that orange idiot became the most powerful man on earth and for some reason the British thought that Brexit would be a fine idea. Fortunately, good things happened as well, like creative Ashleigh Brennan joining Boomerang Agency. In those dark times, this self-proclaimed president of fun lifted everybody’s spirit with her contagious giggles.

Ashleigh was born and raised in Australia. It’s a miracle that she survived to become an adult, seeing as every Aussie animal is out to kill you. No wonder she wanted to go to The Netherlands, where the most dangerous native species is the bunny. Ashleigh is a brilliant designer, so we instantly hired her when she applied for a job at Boomerang. At first, she continued to live in Australia, but during the first week she came to the conclusion that the 24-hour commute wasn’t really working. She would leave the office at 18.00 (that’s 6 o’clock in the evening, Ash!), arriving at her home just in time for dinner… the following day. After a quick shrimp on the barbie, she left again for work, arriving the next day, just as all her co-workers left for home again. It was at this point that Ashleigh Brennan decided to move to Amsterdam.

For someone from the other side of the world, Ashleigh adapted quickly to her new country. She came to work on her bike, ate a lot of stroopwafels (to which the writer of this article is allergic, by the way) and celebrated her birthday in a circle. Soon, she was a proper Dutchy. The only thing lacking, were here language skills. After 2,5 years at Boomerang, the only Dutch words she can utter is ‘kom vechten dan’. Which, in all fairness, is a much better sentence than ‘neuken in de keuken’.

Although Ashleigh has only been with us for 2,5 years, one could argue she is the most Boomerang person within Boomerang.

Reason #1: Ashleigh created the new visual identity of Boomerang.
Reason #2: The boomerang is an Australian creation, and so is Ashleigh.
Reason #3: Boomerang is fun, and so is Ashleigh.
Reason #4: Alright, #3 was not a very good one and now we’ve completely run out of reasons, but the fact remains that Ashleigh Brennan is totally awesome. She and her vegemite rice waffles light up our office and therefore we hope she will stay with us for at least another 2,5 years.