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Boomerang Talks: The Future of Food

We need to talk about our food system

The way we eat today is unique in our human history, even a little deranged. As individuals, we are now increasingly removed from the sources of our food and have little influence over how and where our food is made. This has lead to several global problems: pollution, waste, hunger, obesity, CO2 emissions, and a lack of soil and water. Just to name a few. In this edition of Boomerang Talks, we take a deeper look at the way we eat to figure out: What is the future of food?

Our Guests


We talk to chef Walter Marskamp from Amsterdam’s popular plant-forward restaurant Yerba about Flexitarianism. We also have a chat with Joris Lohman from Food Hub about agriculture and whether it’s better to go all-in on innovation or return to smaller-scale farming. And finally, we ask James Ehrlich a lot of questions about his project ReGen Villages which sets out to reinvent the way we live and grow food together.


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