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Community Management


Communication is no one-way street.

We are in constant conversation with each other and that’s why it is essential to instantly respond to questions and comments from the audience. With our talented and social savvy Community Managers  we support our clients online, making sure we create an online environment where people feel safe and connected. Turning any negative sentiment into a positive one and making people smile is our goal of the day. We build the relationship between the brand and consumers, so that they become genuine fans. Bringing Community Management to the next level is what we live by.


What is Community Management at Boomerang?

By being social by nature, Community Management at Boomerang provides a 360-approach to drive brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, and trust. We provide valuable brand insights for the brands, spark active and engaging conversations to create sustainable relationships. We cite a few examples such as Desperados, Birra Moretti, Spotify, Prime Video NL, Stellantis and CarNext. Are you already starting to get the jitters?


We love our clients

We love our clients and listen to them and their audience as best we can. Every brand has their own tone of voice, standards and values and we are here to pass them on to the fanbase. We hear you thinking: ok, cool… Tell me more. We manage everything you don’t realise is happening: posting content, collecting and implementing UGC images from fans of the brand, creating strategies, concepting new topics based on trends, engaging with our followers, reporting about what’s happening in the community and of course making sure everyone is having fun (including us, that is).