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Fikret and Rob at The Virtual MarTech Summit

‘We go waaaay back’, is (let’s be honest) an overused sentence. However, we’re going to use it anyway. Because, Heineken and Boomerang have been working together for over 10 years already. So yeah, they really go ‘waaaaay back’!


And it is because of this, that The MarTech Summit invited Fikret Fetahovic (CPO Boomerang Agency. Part of Publicis Groupe) and Rob van Griensven (Global Digital Director Heineken) to talk about the lessons they’ve learned about this relationship over the years. For example, what are, in their eyes, the building blocks in the relationship between the client and agency? Or, how do you find the relevant topics to tap into? Or, how can new technologies support the speed and agility of delivery in this mobile-first environment?

Their answer? Trust & Agility



Rob“Advertising at the speed of culture requires bravery, curiosity, focus, creativity, and teamwork. With trust as the foundation, it creates a safe environment in which innovation in content & media can thrive!”

Fikret“Advertising at the speed of culture requires a solid foundation and set up between agency and client. There needs to be a trust and believe in knowing what we do is the right thing for the brand. Room to fail and learn. You have to see it as a muscle that needs to betrained, so we need a 6 or 7 to score a 9 or 10.”


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