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Hello 2022

Boomerang Insights 2022

What a journey it has been since we started talking about a potential pandemic, to have variants, tests and “mondkapjes” be the most used words in our day to day lives. Who would’ve told us hybrid working models and impatiently waiting for the next press conference resolution would be the new normal? What does the new normal even look like? From an optimistic perspective, embracing transformation and change is the way to keep moving forward in this uncertain current status of the world. Moreover, from a creative communications point of view, making unpredictable changes part of your plan is a must in order to thrive. Thus, we believe 2022 to be the year of learning to navigate uncertainty, of being flexible and adaptive in our expectations, and therefore betting on the unexpected.


At Boomerang we believe that staying social is the way to be there for each other- meaning meeting people where they’re at and truly giving back value for the attention we demand –  and being better – this is, ever improving and innovating to keep up front of the changing needs people have and be there to best support them.Besides  want to see every new year as a fresh opportunity to build our resilience, inspire and be inspired, and learn even more from each other.

In order to see what trends, observations, and other curiosities we may expect to arise in this new year, we created a new ‘Boomerang Insights’ report. These are what we found were the most relevant topics;


1. Human values- based Communication


It’s time for brands to put core human values first. These should be at the center of all communication, being both the input and output of every process.


2. A Holistic Approach to Sustainability


Sustainability has transformed into a more inclusive term, comprising both environmental and social issues, and all the different ways these intersect with each other – from future-proof businesses, to diversity, inclusion and mental well-being.


3. Our lives coming into the Metaverse


As the digital world evolves the metaverse has arisen, offering a whole new world of possibilities to connect with communities online. But, where is the limit?



Simply put, staying connected with our communities in the most relevant way within such a dynamic landscape is only possible if we put human core values first, and open our horizons to more holistic viewpoints. Because our values shape our reality, and this includes all the diverse aspects that make our life sustainable and our brands future-proof. And on top of this, starting to dive into how our “meta lives” will look like to keep up with the upcoming innovations and discoveries is crucial. Remember when the word internet, and even cell phones, sounded like the most crazy idea when they were first mentioned? Let’s see where the unexpected takes us next.. In the meaning let’s keep learning from each other, stay connected and above all stay SOCIAL and be BETTER!


Teresa Santos – Strategist | Boomerang For Better