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Hello, curious one!

Boomerang Insights 2021- Post Summer

We’ve come a long way this year, pushing through multiple political, societal and cultural changes. Moreover, the rules and restrictions in constant change, far from bringing any clarity, have created even more an ambiance of uncertainty and doubt. BUT- although we consider ourselves to be realistic and in the know, at Boomerang we always like to see the sunny side of the picture. This is why we created the Boomerang “Insights” Report, launched earlier this year. A document in which you can find inspiring human value-driven cases and observations, along with what we think will be the most relevant social trends and topics coming up! We’re now launching the second edition.

First and foremost, in this new edition we want to speak about “ads that act.”


As people were forced to adapt, COVID-19 opened up consumers around the world to new brands and customer experiences. This change in consumer behaviour was a big opportunity, that also came with new

challenges: less patience for advertisements, with most of them lacking the knowledge to take real action. We believe communication is a tool for action, and we therefore want to empower the brands we work for with the tools to act accordingly!


We also highlight the importance of keeping up with younger audiences.


As we’ve seen, the shift towards relevance and brands delivering real value has been profound, echoing in forward-looking creative work. To achieve this in the long-term, we believe that now more than ever we should learn to listen to future generations. We must support them by speaking to their needs and values, and let them be our arrows to the future.


Lastly, we provide the latest updates on social media channels that may still feel “new” to many.


Whilst we collectively work towards an end to the pandemic, we must stay open to the infinite possibilities these times offer the creative industry. As a social agency, keeping up with the novelties in all the media platforms we operate in seems the way to go to be at the forefront of both creativity and innovation. But, moreover, to keep the human-focus, and build deeper emotional connections — with individuals, communities and society at large.

We hope to wrap up this year as best as we can, with the silver lining of the vaccines being implemented at a fast rate and the re-opening of festivals and events feeling a little closer every time!



Check out our latest social campaign for Unmute, where professionals from the event industry raised their voice in the streets after a long period of silence. FINGERS CROSSED! In the meantime let’s keep it up, speak up for the good, and of course, be SOCIAL <3


Teresa Santos

Boomerang For Better – Research Strategist