Client: Samsung

75 Samsung Images in 1 day

At Boomerang, there's a couple of things we always put on our checklist whenever we start working on a new job. Our toolkit is filled with a lot of must-have-tools, but our favourite one is definitely: speed. We like things extra when they go fast. So the challenge to produce 75 gram-worthy images in less than 24 hours was welcomed with a big grin by our team. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Lifestyle 2.0

We were challenged by our friends at Samsung to create a new batch of images that would be suitable for a multitude of purposes. The images had to be attractive and colorful. We were briefed to find creative ways to make the decor and models reflect the designs of eight new Samsung products. Tablets, watches and smartphones were the superstars of this fastlane production. It took 4 models, 2 photographers, 2 producers and 2 different locations to get the job done in 24 hours.

Status: done. Thank you, next!

PS – check out the Samsung IG channel here.