Client: Albert Heijn

AH Terra

We introduced Albert Heijn’s new plant-based brand AH Terra with a meaty video
How do you introduce more than 200 new products on social media? When Albert Heijn asked us to come up with a plan for Instagram for the launch of their new plant-based brand AH Terra, we thought: such a long list of products deserves a long video of at least three minutes. But wait, nobody watches long videos on Reels, right?

Turns out, people love to watch long videos, as long as you give them a reason to watch. In our concept, two Albert Heijn employees list a lot of the new AH Terra products in a fun, playful way. That’s nice and all, but the ingenious part is that viewers have to watch the whole movie to be eligible to win store credit. At the beginning of the video, we give people the instruction to count how many times they hear the words ‘AH Terra’ and to drop their answer in the comments. More than 2700 people did this, which made the launch of the plant-based brand a huge success. Client happy. We happy. One prizewinner happy. And our planet is also happy with more vegan products in supermarkets.