Client: Heineken

Heineken Silver Smooth

To tap into the Smoother than you think campaign line, the Boomerang team worked on two different concepts that were brought to life; 'Camera Turn & Rube Smoothberg'.

With Camera Turn we zoomed-in on the (awkward) unexpected but recognizable situations that turned into a smooth one with HNK Silver. This idea was integrated into the TVC shoot from LePub, but our CD Dio Santos was present to make sure it all worked out smoothly. Rube Smoothberg was fully produced by the Boomerang production team in collaboration with Joseph’s Machines. Joseph is an expert in building crazy machinery with a domino effect, and we wanted to create one with the Heineken SKU’s.

Meaning, build a machine that doesn’t look like a pre-made machine and finish with a smooth shot of beer. It needed to be a one-take shot, hence the many tense faces throughout the day, but we did it and the end results are great to watch!