Client: Alzheimer SOCKS

Alzheimer SOCKS

Each year, a different combination of agencies volunteers to work on the Alzheimer SOCKS campaign. This year, Boomerang and Alfred worked together. We were responsible for the design of the concept, the strategy, the social campaign, all out of home and in store materials and the social video.

Socks with a story

The Alzheimer SOCKS are different from one another: the left one looks nothing like the right one. Isn’t that inconvenient? Yes. The confusion caused by this design is on purpose: it’s just a hint of the confusion that people with Alzheimer’s disease experience on a daily basis. For each pair of socks sold, a minimum amount of 5 euro is donated to the Alzheimer centre in Amsterdam. This money is more than welcome: the research is expensive and much needed. Every fifteen minutes someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease in The Netherlands. One out of five people will suffer some form of dementia in their lives.