Client: Better Time Stories

Better Time Stories

Stories have the power to inspire and change lives. What if they could also bring families closer?

The war in Ukraine has affected many lives. The ones most harshly affected though, are Ukraine’s children. As their loved ones stay fighting on the frontlines, they’ve been sent far away across border lines.

Better Time Stories is a donation campaign that brings light back into the lives of Ukrainian children. Through the magic of stories.

Each set contains 5 interactive kids story books, where the stories can be recorded by a family member in Ukraine. As a refugee child opens the book every time, they are greeted by the familiar voices of their parents or grandparents reading to them. Providing comfort in the most challenging of times.

Each of the story books comes in dual languages: Ukrainian and the language of the country the children seek refuge in. This helps them cope with new surroundings while also developing new language and listening skills. First Ladies Zelenska, Büdenbender and Schmidauer and Dutch Princess Laurentien officially kicked off an international donation campaign in The Hague to help raise donations for the non-profit initiative Better Time Stories.

A donation of 15 euros helps to give one Ukrainian refugee family a welcome set of these 5 books.

While also providing Ukrainian children a ray of hope for a better tomorrow. Visit