Client: Jazz Orchestra of The Concertgebouw

Big Sounds Amsterdam

Boomerang and Publicis Groupe have developed the brand identity/house style for the brand new biennial music festival Big Sounds Amsterdam, part of Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (JOC).
With a desire to show movement in the jazz industry, Publicis Groupe, Boomerang and Big Sounds joined forces to create an appropriate, appealing brand identity/home style. The corporate identity, both the creation of a logo, color palette, font, illustrations as well as various templates for social assets and OOH materials were fully scrutinized.

“For us, a symphony of creativity and different styles was central throughout the development process,” said Rico de Lange, Executive Creative Director at Boomerang Agency. “The goal is to show that Big Sounds is the perfect blend between renowned artists from the jazz industry and beyond, innovation and the heritage of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. With a fresh, new look, we want to target a younger generation to create more attention and focus on this wonderful world of music. Because ultimately it’s about the power of the collective and combining different musical styles, in order to create new sounds and make an impact on both existing and new audiences.”

Janna Kröse, Marketer at Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw is also pleased: “In order to offer globally leading ensembles a stage, we came up with the idea for Big Sounds Amsterdam. An initiative in which five venues in Amsterdam, including Tolhuistuin, De Meervaart and the Concertgebouw, work together to host various concerts. An appealing brand identity for this initiative could not be lacking, so we turned to Publicis Groupe and Boomerang, with a festive end result as a result.