Client: Albert Heijn

Bloementuintjes with Albert Heijn

Ah, springtime. Flowers bloom, temperatures rise, and the smell of love oozes through the air. Let me tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees. But mostly about the flowers, because Albert Heijn introduced Bloementuintjes to collect, grow and nurture.

And who could we possibly kick off this campaign with better than the ever-flourishing Karin Bloemen?

We created a set of videos with this living legend to amplify the Bloementuintjes campaign, emphasizing the fact that you can collect and grow 8 different types not only for yourself, but also for someone else. Perhaps your mum, the love of your life or your bff – or should we say bee-ff? Because growing Albert Heijns Bloementuintjes always helps our beloved Mother Earth.