Client: Heineken

Heineken A-yeast

Heineken's beer-making is not only a craft, it's an art. And that's why it needs a canvas. For this stellar animation, we chose paper to tell the story of 'what's behind the star'. Because paper is the start of many great masterpieces.


One of the focus points in Heineken’s strategy is the unique combination of premium ingredients. One of these premium ingredients is Heineken’s unique yeast: A-yeast. In a previous campaign, Heineken focussed on winning the Grand Prix at the ‘Exposition Universelle’ (world expo) in Paris in 1889. The prize was won because of the use of the unique A-yeast. Winning this prize is still one of the cornerstones of Heineken’s pride in it’s product: thus, a vital element in telling the story of craftsmanship and quality. To highlight one of the most important but invisible ingredients, was a challenge that demanded a creative solution.


Paper is the starting point for many masterpieces and that’s why a 3D paper animation was used to tell the story of the unique brewing process of Heineken. This complex and very labor-intensive technique was chosen to balance the informative narrative with appealing aesthetics. The focus was to find a good balance between the story and attractive visuals. Needless to say, we made quite some sketches before the 3D process could start.

Make it 3D

After extensive storyboarding, we teamed up with our friends at INDG to bring our idea to life. Below you’ll see some stills from the 3D models that were sculpted to use as the base for the paper. Once the models were made, a process of colouring, lighting and continuous adjusting takes place. It was a very interesting experience to work so closely together with the brilliant people at INDG and to completely immerse ourselves in the world of 3D animation. The main challenge was to give this computergraphic a rich look and feel, unlike other gc paper animations that tend to look flat and bland. Focussingon creating a bold and dramatic look with well thought lightning and an extreme amount of detail was one ofthe solutions. This led to a highly attractive and entertaining video, with an informative narrative. Cheers!

Heineken: A-yeast paper animation from Boomerang Agency on Vimeo.