Client: Heineken

Heineken Match Day Reminders

Our good friends at Heineken asked us to create a concept that would produce engaging social (video) content to highlight the partnerships between Heineken, UEFA Champions League and Formula 1. Plot twist: the content would need to be live in multiple markets almost simultaneously. Markets that all needed their own variations in copy, visuals, legal rules and formats. A dynamic video concept we hadn’t created before. So we said yes!

Dynamic video 2.0

The project consists of content that has to be produced almost real time and pushed out to 35 countries. When we first assessed the workload a colleague shrugged and commented: ‘that’s like giving birth to 17.5 twins at the same time.’ After a brief moment of silence the team realised we needed to come up with a very clever production solution.

Introducing: Pursuit! A powerful tool we designed together with our friends at Storyteq that allows us to select the needed content elements per country and automatically generate a video that is completely tailor made. In a matter of minutes. That’s right. No more editing, translating or rendering. At peak moments, we create of 600 pieces of (video) content a week.

Match Day reminder example

Quality is key

The effectiveness of this tool would be nothing without high quality 3D modelling. That’s why we partnered with top-notch design studio INDG. All the product imagery you will ever need – from stills and videos to interactive applications – starts with one picture perfect model. These models can be amended in a matter of moments. Different label? Different color? No worries. In the Heineken example we recreated different products (the regular Heineken bottle and the 0.0 bottle). We used these products to create endless content variations with different backgrounds, different taglines et cetera.

This highly efficient way of content production is the best possible answer to the clients ask for a multitude of similar content pieces. Pursuit is a state of the art production line for digital content that simply adds superpowers to any global brand’s creative process.

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