Client: H&M

H&M for Amsterdam

Dear Amsterdam, it's a new era for H&M. They're announcing a bunch of exciting new services, like in-store tailoring and clothing resale and they asked us to help. We developed a personal, local campaign to show the people that H&M is listening to their wants and needs. It turned into a city takeover, so you won't have missed it.

The way we shop has changed. And our favourite fashion giant H&M, is changing with us. We no longer need a new outfit for every party. We want our most-loved items to last us longer. We’re looking for the perfect fit. Less clothes, more style.

With this in mind, H&M is announcing a bunch of exciting new services, like in-store tailoring, and clothing rental & resale. We created a campaign to show Amsterdam that H&M is responding to the wants and needs of the people. We cast different faces of Amsterdam and gave them a podium, featuring their portrait and handwritten ideas for the renewed stores. It was a fresh approach for a global brand — a campaign that was local, authentic and personal. We took over the streets, trams and ferries, inviting the city to discover the new H&M, for Amsterdam.