Client: Heineken

Holland Heineken House 2018

The Holland Heineken House (HHH) is the traditional meeting place for Dutch athletes and their fans during the Olympic Games. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, we were once again part of the HHH crew. This brought us to Gangneung, South Korea.

Home Away From Home

The Holland Heineken House is the official national house of the Netherlands where NOC*NSF and Heineken® host and facilitate a ‘home away from home’ for Dutch athletes and fans. It’s the place where you get the see the best artists perform and where every Olympic success is celebrated.

Newsjacking The Olympics

A team of creatives, art directors, photographers, camera crew and producers attended the Olympics. They worked almost non-stop every day to deliver relevant, witty and beautiful content. Newsjacking every highlight of the Olympics, celebrating every achievement and representing the Heineken® brand in the best way possible.


Boomerang Agency and Fast Forward Film were responsible for concepting and producing all unique Holland Heineken House Facebook posts and videos, Twitter posts and Instagram posts related to the Olympics. The concepting for bigger productions such as ‘The Upgrade’ (see video below) was done beforehand. The newsjacking content and the surprising video stunts created a valuable link between fans of the Olympics back in the Netherlands, and the Holland Heineken House in Gangneug.