Client: Chocomel


If we’ve learned one thing from Chocomel campaigns, it's: puns work! You can consider this a love letter, because working for Chocomel is truly a blessing. What’s not to like?

Together with pun-maestros Frank and Maarten, known for their homemade viral videos full of puns in a Swedish furniture franchise (yes, it’s IKEA), we got to celebrate the return of the Chocomel letters that are available in stores for the holiday season every year. What a treat! The ingredients seemed simple: just put dad joke after dad joke after dad joke. Put in two more dad jokes, stir, and then another one. Then add just a splash of dad joke. Serve with a grating of dad joke and an extra twist of – you’ve probably guessed it – dad joke. But for this year’s campaign, we shook things up a little bit.

We created videos in a user generated theme – people could come up with a theme themselves for us to do jokes in, by commenting on the first video we initiated. Which was animal themed, we just thought that would be cool. In the end, their wish was our command, so we had to work with the following themes: Halloween, Sinterklaas (obviously) and last but not least: music.

That worked out pretty well, if we say so ourselves. It was hilarious, and the crowd loved it. Better yet, they even got to join the party. Through playful assets we got them to come up with new themes for puns and even to contribute their own jokes, either online or in the store.

So grab yourself a Chocomel, maybe add some whipped cream, sit back and enjoy the punderful ride. We’re not even sorry for that one!