Client: KEUNE

KEUNE Lumi Coat

For the launch of the Lumi Coat Supreme Cream we created a global digital campaign for Keune: Reflect your best. When you look in the mirror and light up, that is Luminosity. We emphasized the idea of luminosity through playing with light, mirrors and reflections to communicate the product benefit of mirror-like shine.

Everything in the shoot referred back to the idea of the mirror to convey the overarching concept. We used mirror-like objects as tools to communicate this. We photographed into the mirror and used glass objects and prisms to create reflections.

To bring the product benefits to life, we used water droplets to represent the protective layer it adds to the hair. We decided to refer to the heat activation benefit and design of the bottle with an orange gradient and glow which you can see as a red thread in all the assets.

Let Lumi Coat Supreme Cream bring the shine back to your hair!