Client: Mentos

Mentos Fanta

Boomerang created a Gen-z-focused campaign for the Mentos & Fanta partnership launch. Resulting in global dynamic ads driving more consumers to say yes to fresh.
To further focus our reach in a broad market, we’re calling upon local creators to make a global campaign extremely relevant on a local scale. Additionally, we set up a layer of interchangeable product content to maximize conversion. In total we were able to create 1000s of assets – but it’s not about the volume. This dynamic campaign gave us the opportunity to optimize the creative content in real time.

Can’t wait to see it? Mentos Fanta is going live in 50 markets in the coming 2 years. Now that’s fresh.

Looking at Gen Z social media behaviour, we zoomed in on 4 key interests: Music, Gaming, Looks and Moves. This gave us a framework to not only create varying assets, but also endless possibilities to localize global content.