Client: TOTO

TOTO: Newsjacking Soccer Culture

Soccer might easily be one of the most celebrated sports in the world. Soccer culture, and especially the admiration of star athletes, form an important part of the lives of a worldwide audience. TOTO allows Dutch soccer fans to bet on their favorite teams and uses Instagram (amongst others) to stay in touch with them.
World Record ehh..
To those who don’t know the bald man on the left, this image might make completely no sense at all. But those who do know Jan van Halst will probably giggle when they see his head mocked up to be the #worldrecordegg. This is exactly what newsjacking is all about: relating trending online topics to your ‘product’. To be able to produce this newsjacking content our TOTO-team works in a fast & flexible way: six guys, one girl, one Whatsapp group. This channel allows our soccer loving colleagues to discuss the latest events and to explore options for newsjacking content on the TOTO channel.

What works?
Newsjacking is in the Boomerang DNA. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years, and we love the speed, the wit, and the humor. Newsjacking especially for the online soccer community however, is a different ball game. It takes extensive knowledge of the latest news in Dutch soccer to stay relevant. That’s why we scouted for a team that knows how to tackle this issue with finesse. Whether it’s transfer season or the final of the Champions League, our all-star goalgetters always deliver. Whenever we hear ‘GOAAALL’ from the Community Management department, the rest of the team can’t help but smile and wait for the results to show up online.

Inside the culture
One more example: do you know Kostas Lamprou? He is the substitute goalie for AFC Ajax. He is well known, not only for his athletic abilities but also because of his height. Lamprou is 1.74m tall which is considered short for a goalie. It takes this kind of inside information to produce a visual like the one you see on the left, where Lamprou’s seat on the substitute bench is pictured with a seat-raiser.

Let’s face it: soccer humor isn’t the most complicated kind of humor … but it sure is funny!