Client: Andrelon


One, Two, TREAT, go! Good hair usually requires a two-step hair regime. But GREAT hair requires more than shampoo and conditioner. And that’s precisely where the (new) Andrélon hair crèmes come into the mix.

Our objective is to show that great hair is attainable for everyone. All it requires is a simple additional step to your existing hair regime (emphasis on simple). This step adds nutrition for a natural shine, protection and preps your hair for styling. We wanted to show our target audience what the ideal hair regime would look like and how quick and easy it really is. We captured this in our big idea: One, two, TREAT, go!

Andrelon is for everyone, just like the new hair cremes. To make this more clear we used several different influencers instead of ‘real’ models. This also translated into the influencers looking straight in to the camera. For a personal touch and a nod to beauty vloggers on social media.