Client: Campina


Order your Campina breakfast on Instagram. Ahhh... breakfast. The first thing we tend to skip when we're in a hurry. And let's face it: we're always in a hurry. To highlight the importance of a healthy breakfast and to show how simple it is to prepare yours, we created a fun Instagram-based campaign for Campina. A Campaigna, some might say. *Badum-tss*

The Dutch love dairy

Research shows that the consumption of dairy in the Netherlands has increased from 22 to 29% since 2016. Nicolette de Weerd, Brand Manager at Campina: ‘The benefits of yoghurt or quark are well-known, but not many people associate these products with convenience. This campaign aims to show people how simple a dairy-based breakfast is to prepare, and how it boosts your energy levels throughout the day’. So how do you reach a young target audience that’s used to ordering their basic needs online? On their favorite platform.

Now GIF me free breakfast

We created the very first breakfast ordering service that runs completely on Instagram Stories. We challenged the target audience to upload a picture of a bowl of Campina dairy to Instagram Stories, and to fill their bowl with custom created GIFS. When searching ‘CampinaNL’ in the GIF tool in stories, many toppings showed up: from blueberries to granola, and from banana and mango slices to nuts. Nuts, right? After sending the Instagram Story to the Campina page, selected participants received their fresh breakfast on their doorstep the next morning.