Client: Parbo


Since its founding, Parbo beer has been insperable with the people of Suriname. They have always been there during moments of joy, as well as moments of saying goodbye. Whatever the occasion may be, Parbo will always be there to look forward together. With this campaign, Parbo asks the people of Suriname to celebrate life again, to unite. Because Surinamers know, that there always is a reason to celebrate.

The Surinaamse Brouwerij first reached out to Boomerang in the summer of 2022. They felt they needed something new for their largest brand (Parbo) in one of their biggest campaigns ever, and so they decided to brief us. As of then a friendship started to grow in which Parbo took us on a (albeit digital) journey to get to know the brand, the country and its culture.

Together with the team we felt what was needed to bring the brand closer to the people of Suriname again and started developing a campaign with a strong strategic base: ‘Op de toekomst’ (to the future).

For this campaign the team created a TVC script and as this was approved by Parbo, a team of Boomerangers flew to the other side of the world to produce the commercial with the client. Now, a few months later, the TVC and therefor the campaign has been launched nationwide.
That being said, this campaign is far from over. Stay tuned for what is to come the upcoming year(s).


Op de toekomst!