Client: Samsung

Rico is Rocky for Samsung

The music, the track suit, the background.. it doesn't take long until you realise the newest Samsung video starring Rico Verhoeven is a remake of a classic boxing movie. However, there's a plot twist at the end!


Our remake of the famous Rocky Balboa scene takes an unexpected turn at the end. Kickboxing legend Rico Verhoeven is not getting ready for a fight, he needs help with his smartphone. Something that can also feel like a real challenge ;-). Not with Samsung Service though: when Rico finally makes it to the Samsung Service center, he finds out he could have stayed at home and had his smartphone picked up. It’s a pretty great deal: wherever you are, 7 days a week, Samsung will pick up your smaprthone ánd deliver it when it’s been repaired.
Shooting with the legend
This project consists of the main video and several shorter videosnacks, that are meant to highlight the three USP’s of Samsung’s Pick Up service. Together, they take away all worries you might have when you need help with your smaprthone: pick up and returning wherever you are, 100% original parts used for the repair and 7 days a week service. We had a lot of fun shooting this video with the legendary Rico Verhoeven, who turns out to be a great actor! The similarites between the famous Rocky scene and the Rico remake are striking when you put ’em next to each other