Client: Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam: Say cheese

Cheese. What's not to love? Old Amsterdam just might be the best and tastiest cheese out there. Lucky for us, we get to work for them! We've helped Old Amsterdam find a unique tone of voice for their social media channels, and we produce fun short content for those platforms. Besides that, we co-produce bigger projects such as the TV commercial shown below (made together with our friends at Sunshine & Sausages)

It’s gotta be tasty

With a cheese that good, you’d say it’s easy to create mouthwatering pictures and videos. Well, looks can be deceiving. The art of food styling and food photography is underestimated by many. Fortunately, Boomerang Agency is home to quite some self-proclaimed foodies and we also have two certified food stylists in our team. This makes shooting tasty visuals a walk in the park for us!


For this years Sinterklaas holiday (a traditional Dutch holiday that is slightly similar to Christmas) we created a couple of geo-targeted visuals to promote Old Amsterdam’s cheese letters. At Sinterklaas it is a custom to give eachother letters made from chocolate, usually the first letter of your surname. Old Amsterdam made special cheese letters to celebrate Sinterklaas ánd to treat those who aren’t fond of chocolate (these people exist) to a hearty surprise. We used a geo-targeting strategy to show custom visuals to the audience – based on the city they lived in. This personalised approach leads to much more interaction and better results. We really enjoy creating these kind of mini-strategies for brands, showing them a simple layer can really add something to the message and effectiveness of a campaign.

OLD AMSTERDAM TV COMMERCIAL from Boomerang Agency on Vimeo.