Client: Rijksmuseum

RIJKS Museum: Slavery exhibition

We are proud to say the Rijksmuseum trusted us with the campaign for their long-awaited Slavery exhibition. It was the first time the museum chose to focus on the untold stories of our colonial past. The important exhibition tells ten personal stories of people who were either enslaved or slave owners, of people who benefited from the system or fought against it, from East to West.

For this campaign we decided to make a video for the exhibition based on the format of a trailer. We chose this format because the exhibition is shining its light on the true and underexposed stories of the Netherlands’ history of slavery; stories which are equally as compelling as any popular movie based on true events, or perhaps even more so.

One of our sources of inspiration in terms of impact, came from the series “When They See Us”. It showed us how a popular format can open the door to dialogue about a heavily charged subject. This is exactly what this exhibition aims to do regarding its subject matter. The exhibition can be visited at the Rijksmuseum from the 5th of June until the 29th of August 2021.