Client: Spotify

Spotify Unlocked

Gen Z loves their icons – and Spotify loves Gen Z. We set out to engage Spotify’s younger following by collaborating with top streaming Dutch and Belgian artists.

We wanted to bring our followers closer to their favorite artists in a way that felt authentic. We figured that there is no better way of getting to know someone than taking a sneak peek at what’s going on inside their phone. The hard part: finding artists willing to do so. Luckily, MEAU, Antoon and DIKKE bravely dared to go where no artist had gone before and were willing to unlock their phone for Spotify. Enter: Spotify Unlocked.

We translated Gen Z’s curiosity into an interview format. Spotify Unlocked got their followers more familiar with the young Dutch and Belgian icons. Antoon, MEAU and DIKKE gave them a unique look into their private lives, by opening their phones and answering questions based on their Spotify behavior and insights from other apps and socials. So, was it truly authentic? Just ask the crew how MEAU gave the entire room goosebumps when playing her voice notes and how Antoon made his management sweat by exposing his marketing strategy.

Craft, media strategy, and community management came together in our behind the scenes approach. The final intimate look and feel gave the audience the impression of being present in the room with the artist. On top of that, we made sure the fans felt part of the campaign by engaging them to submit questions and going live with ‘behind the scenes’ teasers only a few days later.