Client: Shimano

Shimano: Digital Mountain Bike Trail

Shimano, the cycling components manufacturer, dropped a pretty awesome brief in our inbox a while ago. The challenge: create awareness for their new mountain bike gear and gain email addresses from the target audience through social media. We created Trail Tap, an Instagram swipe-up game to try out the new mountain bike gear. Mountain biking from the comfort of your couch or whilst commuting on the train, isn’t that something? Cool bonus: top scorers won brand new and valuable Shimano gear for their bike!

Access the high score list

To get a chance of winning the new gear, people had to set the high-score first. But to see if they ranked the score list, they had to fill in their email address.
The trade press seemed to like it and so did the target audience. This smart and playful approach generated over 600.000 gameplays and 38.000 email addresses!