Client: Heineken

Heineken: The Power of Pursuit

It feels somewhat monotonous to start off by explaining the incongruity that was 2020. Yes, the year was rather bizarre (for lack of a better word) and it required a multitude of internal conversions as to the way we work. But was Boomerang Agency at a standstill? Far from it. In fact, our partnership with Heineken Global is the copybook example of success in such a strenuous year.

The original request

Here’s a quick rundown of the original request back in 2018. Our friends at Heineken solicited the creation of a concept that would produce engaging social (video) content to highlight its partnerships with the UEFA Champions League and Formula 1. Sounds simple right? Well, if there’s one thing you should know about the ads industry, when things seem simple, there’s always a catch. All content needed to be live in multiple markets, simultaneously. Multiple markets means different variations in copy, visuals, legal rules and formats. In other words: a whole lot of work.

Our solution? Why not work with Dynamic video concepts? And that’s precisely where Pursuit comes in: the tool that takes one video and allows you to select the needed content elements per country and automatically generates a video that is completely tailor made, cutting down on editing translating and rendering. Check it out here!

The 2020 rundown

Well, you know what they say: never change a winning team. Even though the year 2020 threw us a couple of curveballs (or should we call them curves on the racetrack to keep in line with Formula 1?), together with Heineken Global we managed to support 41 different markets and introduce the ‘Socialise Responsibly’ campaign to 22 of them – all with the use of Pursuit. And let’s not forget Desperados (Heineken owned). This past year we created several Elrow event activations for a total of 6 different markets!

It’s time to talk in numbers


The 2020 outcome

It’s time to talk in numbers to really display why we are such advocates for creating Dynamic content and why it’s proven to be such a game changer in the ads industry.

For Heineken Global we managed to:

  • Create a total of 4080 assets
  • Support a total of 41 different markets
  • Create content in 27 different languages
  • Reach a total of 588 million unique people online
  • Set-up 501 localized media campaigns through social media
  • Conduct 28 Brand Lift Studies to measure effectiveness of campaigns

So, looking to up the ante for your 2021 campaigns or still need a bit of persuasion as to why Dynamic content is going to boost your brand? You know where to find us.