Client: Eurail


Turning a railroad trip into a brand movie. Traveling by train is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

It’s all about meeting new people along the way and unexpected adventures that wait around every corner. Eurail (also known as Interrail) asked us to create a concept that captures the unique sensation of traveling by train.

Railroad adventure

We quickly realized that if we wanted to keep it real and authentic, we needed to have real people going on a real adventure! So, we recruited four groups (each one matching one of the target audiences of Eurail) and we sent them on their way. Each group started in a different corner of Europe and we gave them all tools to document their railroad adventure.

Magic starts here

And then.. the magic of train travel unfolded: each of the groups ended up in unexpected places, met new people and explored Europe in a way that was new and refreshing to them. So if you’re looking to surprise yourself on your next adventure, we’d suggest you get on board.