Client: Zwitsal

We πŸ’› Zwitsal

Zwitsal, the reigning champ in baby care products for over 100 years

Zwitsal is a well-known brand to many, nostalgic even. Their bottle is iconic, their smell is iconic. It’s safe to say that Zwitsal is a noteworthy brand in Dutch culture. Whether you grew up with it, or still use it, everyone – young and old – has some sort of connection with the brand. And that’s precisely why we asked parents, both new and experienced, what they think of Zwitsal for their newest campaign.

We see how people incorporate Zwitsal products into their everyday lives, and one conclusion is definite: we all love Zwitsal. And since they renewed their formula making their bath, wash and shower products even softer for the skin, we want to add at least 100 more years to the already incredible timeline of Zwitsal being a staple piece in every household.

Simply because: We πŸ’› Zwitsal