Client: Heinz

Heinz: Who’s your Favourite Foodie?

Heinz is super famous for their Tomato Ketchup. But did you know they have a range of kick-ass sauces that go great with every dish? We created the very first social cooking show for the sauce brand to help them spread the word.

Three sauces: one campaign

For the first time in Heinz history we combined three sauces in one campaign: mayonnaise, pasta sauce and ketchup. In a total of nine challenges, five food influencers gave their everything, hoping to become the Heinz Favorite Foodie. In thrilling cook-offs, the foodies came up with inspiring and tasty dishes featuring one of the Heinz sauces. TV-chef Hugo Kennis hosted three XL-challenges and also rated the dishes the influencers made. Mmm, fun job. We shot the three challenges at a beautiful location in the countryside in a total of three sun-showered days. Good times!

Social Cooking Show

The XL Challenges formed the kick-off for a new phase in the campaign, each with a different sauce as the hero. The first two months were all about Heinz (Seriously) Good Mayonnaise, followed by Heinz Tomato Ketchup and last but not least Heinz (Seriously) Good Pasta Sauce. Besides Hugo’s votes, the audience could also vote via comments at Heinz’ Instagram and Facebook channels. All the votes together resulted in the first winner of Heinz Favorite Foodie: BBQ Bastard!