Client: Samsung

Samsung: You Be the Star

Samsung x Lil'Kleine 's most intimate fan experience

The rise of social media has changed the dynamics of artist-fan relationships from distant to intimate. Fans can be closer to their idols than ever before and are continuously fuelled by their desire to be even closer in proximity to a celebrity. We took this knowledge to the next level by helping Samsung take on the brand facilitator role and give fans the chance to be close to Dutch rap artist Lil’ Kleine. How? By inviting fans to co-star as the accomplice that helps Lil’ Kleine escape from gangsters in his video clip ‘Blijven’. Fans were first targeted with dynamic ads based on personal data such as gender, age, and location to generate traffic to the clip. Fans that had engaged with this initial post were then retargeted with a final video that encouraged them to share a photo and personal details via Finally, they could share their personalized video clip on social media.

The Golden Call
The track and video clip were distributed and promoted via the Top Notch label, through relevant streaming services, Lil’ Kleine’s own (social) channels and pushed to relevant radio and music television channels. This resulted in a stunning 352.300 likes and 4.1 million impressions!
The concepting, art direction and (interaction) design we’re done by Boomerang Agency, while Storyteq took care of the technical realization. The production was a co-production between Top Notch and us.