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Boomerang exists at the nexus of creativity, technology, and culture. We make work that is truly influential; changing minds and shifting behavior through human connection. This comes from years of cultural immersion and expertise, combined with a process that integrates a lot of curiosity in data, insights, creativity, new media and tech – all at the speed of social. 


The Boomerang strategy department offers a wide range of impactful products and services that better your brand and make it more human.  

We build better brand strategies, social strategies, trend analyses, communication plans and media plans that are value focussed. With our young at heart approach, we make brands more attractive to employers for the new social generation. Whether it be from full ATL and global dynamic campaigns, or from Instagram to TikTok and Twitch, from brand to topical and influencer, and even from ESG-values to Gen Z.


Through Dynamic, we harness technology to stay ahead of the game and provide businesses with a higher return on investment.

We utilize adaptable assets to create creative, relevant, and effective content that drives business growth. Our in-house specialists localize content for local markets worldwide based on their unique needs and requirements. We have worked with global brands like Heineken, Mentos, Desperados, and Barilla.


Motion videos are visually absorbing, grabbing the attention of viewers effortlessly. 

A video ad gives a brand the opportunity to add emotions and storytelling to its messaging. We help our clients create video concepts that stand out and blend in simultaneously, steering clear of productions that are too commercialized.


Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your brand, products, and services.

It allows you to reach a wider audience than traditional marketing channels, and it can help you to generate more trust and credibility for your brand. Influencer marketing is also cost-effective, and it can be used to target specific audiences, which can help you to get better ROI from your campaigns.


Communication is no one-way street. We are in constant conversation with each other and that’s why it is essential to instantly respond to questions and comments from the audience.

With our talented and social savvy community managers  we support our clients online, making sure we create an online environment where people feel safe and connected. Turning any negative sentiment into a positive one and making people smile is our goal of the day. We build the relationship between the brand and consumers, so that they become genuine fans. Bringing community management to the next level is what we live by.


Employee branding. Not employer branding.

We put the employee at the center of the strategy. Employee values and needs are most important if you want to attract and retain talent. We understand how to make social connections on topics like: ESG, Diversity & Inclusion.

We create employer value propositions and storylines for brands that can be easily translated by anyone in the organization. With help of our Publicis insights team, we use of the latest employee data & insights to continue to optimize campaigns for our clients. 

We offer employee branding strategies and campaigns, candidate journeys, employee events and ambassador programs with focus on Diversity & Inclusion and ESG topics.