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Social is the new norm. For brands to grow, they need to  stay relevant, they need to adapt to social behaviour, both online and offline. Brands have to connect in a more human way, add value to relevant conversations and contribute to a better society. In a world of content overload, growing advertising blindness and increasing critical and value-driven consumers, a good strategy makes better, more effective, and more impactful work.


The Boomerang strategy department offers a wide range of impactful products & services that can make your brand more human and better. We build better – value-focussed – brand strategies, social strategies, trend analysis and communication and media-plans. From full ATL to full global dynamic-adaptable campaigns, from Instagram to TikTok to Twitch, from Brand to Topical to Influencer, from ESG-values to Gen Z. With our young at heart approach, we also make brands more attractive employers for the new social generation.


We are curious by nature and love deep diving in different communities, (sub)cultures and societal values and issues. With a strong, diverse, and talented team of strategists we offer a wide range of in-house expertise and a network of smart and innovative tools and partners, we build solid data driven strategic plans with fresh perspectives that fit the Zeitgeist. We are an advocate for co-creation and put workshops and regular strategic check-ins in the heart of our way-of-working, all at the speed of social.